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In life, we are all faced with problems. From the small day to day challenges to the larger ones like a breakup, illness, or financial instability. The way most people deal with a challenge is often working for a Truth-Seeking Traveler. They have to go BEYOND the problem to solve it.

In this article you’re going to read about:
  • What ‘problem’ actually means
  • Why a problem is always your own responsibility
  • How most people deal with problems
  • Why this isn’t working for the Truth-Seeking Traveler
  • How to go BEYOND (5 steps)

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The meaning we give to the word ‘problem’

According to the dictionary, a problem is a situation that causes difficulties. I think that’s a fine description. It needs no further explanation. Problems are part of our human experience on Earth, whether we want them or not. We cannot escape difficulties, because our common purpose is growth. Without problems, we would not be able to grow, expand, and evolve as a species. Simple as that.

However, I do want to talk a little bit more about how we, as a Western society, have labeled this part of life.

A problem is often seen as something we all should get rid of as soon as possible. A problem is bad! It involves bad feelings and stress. And that is not what we want, right? Besides, happiness and love are for sale anywhere. At least, so it seems. You can buy wisdom from any self-help author and watch guru’s doing Satsang online for years in a row if you wish to do so. Our life is malleable. You can fix yourself, is the message out there. So if we experience a problem, we must be doing something wrong.

In a world were happiness is being sold as if it’s something you should be able to feel any time you want, this is quite a toxic approach to life.

Of course, we all want to solve our problems. And we should! There is nothing wrong with reading self-help books and listening to experts. But sometimes it leads us to believe in a quick fix. As if the answers are out there and we should try harder to find them. In some cases that’s simply counterproductive. Problems are part of life and that is oké. Looking around desperately for answers might actually move you further away from the solution.

If we would accept the difficulties more as a natural part of life, we would for sure have less of them!

A problem is simply feedback. It’s letting you know that you are out of alignment and that you have to refocus yourself again. It’s giving you information about what you don’t want. To get a better understanding of what it is you do want.

‘If they would just shut up, I’d be fine!’

Often times we think the world around us should change for us to be happy. It often seems other people’s fault that we are in a bad mood. It’s your partner, your kids, your dog that ruined the carpet, that colleague that gets on your nerves or it’s the government that needs to change, right?


If you experience a problem, that is always your responsibility. Something in your vibration attracted this situation. You are the creator of your own reality: the good stuff but also the not so good stuff. Much of what we create happens unconsciously. That’s why it’s easy to say: ‘but of course, I wouldn’t want to be trapped in this kind of relationship if I knew I could choose!’. If you’d been asked – on a conscious level – you would say ‘no thanks’ (or: hell no!). But in your unconscious field, you’ve held a vibration that was exactly in alignment with what you created. Own it. Face it.

How most of us (try to) solve a problem

1. We fight the problem.

This means the game is on and we arm ourselves with weapons. We’ve all been there, right? We put on our big boots and go straight at it. We’re going to teach this monster a lesson. And we even get encouraged by other people for dealing with a situation like this. They admire our strength and (will)power.

2. We pretend the problem is not there.

It might be hard to face reality so instead, we decide (consciously or unconsciously) to deny it. We’ve all been there too, right? Saying things like ‘oooh, it’s not that bad’ or ‘well, I should not complain’ or ‘I’m fine’ (fake smile!) Or we simply hope it will disappear by itself if we cover it up well enough.

3. We overthink.

This means we put our brains to work. Sometimes in a deliberate way. We try to think extremely hard for a possible solution. A way out. Or it happens in an automatic unwanted way in which we simply cannot stop worrying. It’s the kind of thinking that keeps us awake at night.

4. We blindly take advice from others.

When faced with a problem we’re out of touch with the solution. Otherwise, it would not be a problem. However, there are always people who have already dealt with it. And wrote a book, developed a course a diet or teaching (or whatever) about it. Many of us tend to grab one of those methods – or people – by the balls and apply it to their own situation. Without looking any further. And without checking within. Copy past simply does not always work.

Why this isn’t working for the Truth-Seeking Traveler?

First of all, don’t get me wrong. In essence, there is nothing wrong with fighting for a good cause, positive thinking, critical thinking, and taking advice from others. In many cases and for many people this works fine. But for some of us, and in some cases, much of this feels slightly off. Off of truth. Off of profound healing. Off of who they really are. And off from what the situation is really trying to teach them.

You are a Truth-Seeking Traveler, right?

So here’s the thing: For you, dealing with an issue only really works when you are in alignment with Source. When your actions and impulses come from a place of abundance and love.

  • Fighting the problem
  • Covering it up under a blanket of positivity
  • Overthinking it
  • Copy-pasting a solution from somebody else

This never really works when coming from a place of fear, stress, or anger. At least, not for the Truth-Seeking Traveler. And for them, it needs to freakn’ really work! They need to dive deep. Go through, go BEYOND, and expand to the max! You know… something that’s got to do with the freedom that lies on the other side of every problem.

So first we – the Truth-Seeking Travelers – need to get comfortable with having the problem. We have to be able to look at it from a distance before taking any action at all.

If we don’t do that, the problem will most likely get bigger and bigger. At least in our mind, it will. And isn’t that where all problems live? Giving it your negative attention and most of all reactive energy will feed it. It’s like trying to solve the problem with the same team of engeneirs and tools that created it. You’re focussed too much on fixing it. And by that implying that you or something around you is broken.

But here’s the truth: You are not broken.

Nothing in this universe needs to be fixed. The problem doesn’t need to be fixed. You don’t need to be fixed. You are already whole. The universe is already whole. You are not the problem. You – a beam of Source energy light in a human body – are simply experiencing a problem. And that is part of being in a human body on planet Earth.

How to go beyond?

1. Change your beliefs.

Take a close look at your beliefs around the specific problem you have or the situation you are in. Also, take a look at what labels you have put onto the word ‘problem’ in general. Do you see it as evil? What is so bad about it? How does it make you feel, being in this situation?

2. Raise curiosity and expand your knowledge.

Question your fear, your worry, or anger that comes along with this problem. Why do you feel like this? Where in your body does this feeling originate? How does it feel exactly? Just sit with those questions a bit without wanting to give the right answers. And then expand your knowledge. Remind yourself of the laws of the universe, remind yourself of your purpose, remind yourself of how to connect with angels, feed yourself with ancient wisdom: whatever you are hungry for. Give it to your soul.

3. Allow yourself to feel.

Breathe. Breathe more. Deeper. And breathe again. Start experimenting with giving your feelings a free passage through your body. Feelings are supposed to move. They are energy in motion. Emotion. And breathe! Don’t forget to breathe.

4. Choose a healing practice.

Whether today it’s calling a friend and sharing from the heart and tomorrow it’s a meditation for healing your inner child. Whether today it’s making a piece of art and tomorrow it’s grounding yourself in nature. Whether today it’s channeling your guides and tomorrow it’s booking a massage. Whether today it’s doing some breath work and tomorrow it’s doing a visualization exercise to bring in your future self. Anything your soul needs. Bring it in.

5. Forgive yourself when you ‘mess up’.

Forgive yourself when you are unable to do this. When you forgot who you are and why you are here. Forgive yourself for being human and making ‘mistakes’. Radical self-love needs to be practiced in order for you to feel at home here. 

Of course, I know that this is easier said than done. Changing your belief patterns, expanding your knowledge in this wild and crazy forest (online and offline) of spiritual texts and self-help books, creating a safe space for feeling and choosing and practicing a healing activity, and learning how to love yourself: that’s a lot!   

The good news is that this is EXACTLY what you’ll learn in The Journey Home program. But that as a side note.

It’s in the space beyond where you’ll be able to come home.

Because it’s where alignment with Source is.


  • A problem is simply feedback. Giving you the opportunity to finetune what it is you don’t want and therefore what it is that you do want.
  • A problem is always your own responsibility.
  • You don’t need to be fixed. You are already whole.
  • Fighting the problem, pushing the problem aways, covering it with a blanket of positivity, overthinking, and/or copy-pasting other people’s solutions usually don’t work. At least not for the Truth-Seeking Traveler. And not in the long term.
  • You can’t solve a problem when you act from a place of fear and stress.
  • You can only solve a problem when you act from a place of abundance and love.
  • To go BEYOND a problem you, first of all, have to look at your beliefs around it.
  • You have to distance yourself from the problem by raising curiosity.
  • You have to expand your knowledge about who you really are and what it means to be a light being in a human body.
  • You have to allow yourself to feel it all.
  • You can then choose your healing method or activity of choice. Which can be different from time to time, from day-to-day.
  • The impulse for actions to get the results you want will then flow to you naturally.

Now, my question to you: Are you ready to go beyond? Let me know in the comment box below if you feel a huge yes.

Type ‘YES I am ready to go BEYOND because…’ ↓

Love to hear from you.

Let’s walk each other home.

♥ Stephanie

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