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The Journey Home
1:1 guidance for inner peace & freedom

“Hi, my name is Stephanie and I facilitate awakening. The first part of my life is characterized by homesickness, loneliness, and confusion. Always looking for truth and freedom, but never really finding it. It was only after leaving an abusive relationship that I was really able to embody what I had discovered within me. The second part of my life is characterized by compassion, ease, and playfulness. I was born in Holland, found my home in Portugal, am a mother of two beautiful boys and I love being at home, cooking and walking.”

Are you tired of struggling?

Research shows that nearly two-thirds of the population feels burned-out at some point in their life. Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, fearful, and overall unhappy is very common. You don’t have to run a full-time job or a business to experience that. You can feel like that whether you’re unemployed or a stay-at-home parent. It happens to the rich and the poor. The outer circumstances do not matter. This is an internal issue.

What many people tend to do when internal discomfort comes up, is denying it. They pretend it’s not there by distracting themselves or by saying to themselves ‘I should not complain’ or ‘I should know better’.  This way they deny the real truth – that always needs and wants to come out – underneath.

There are simple ways to navigate out of the dark, into the light. You just need to know how certain things work, feel your feelings, and heal past wounds. Simple, but not easy. It takes practice, patience, and resilience to go BEYOND the surface. To face it all. But when you do… you can return to your life anew.


Your feelings, your compass.

Many of us have learned to suppress our emotions. The painful ones and sometimes even the pleasurable ones. However, your feelings are the most valuable asset you have. They are KEY in discovering what’s going on within you right now. They show you the way on your journey home. That’s why in The Journey Home program you’ll learn how to use your actual emotional state of being for profound understanding and healing. 

In this section of The Journey Home Program you'll find all you need to know to connect the dots. To 'get' the bigger picture and understand on a deeper level. Remembering.

The flow chart in this section of The Journey Home Program will help you to get clear about what you are feeling, how you are feeling, where it came from and how to deal with it.

In this section of The Journey Home Program you'll find beautiful tools and practices for healing. They are categorized in three area's: grounding, clearing and channeling.

All emotions are healthy manifestations of energy moving through your body. Do you feel safe enough to give them a free passage?

A few questions:

// Are you sensitive to energy?

// Have you been on the self-development path for quite some time now?

// Is freedom your highest good?

// Do you struggle with belonging? Difficult to be in the body on this planet? 

// Are you at the end of your sleeves? Burned-out maybe?

// Can’t you go any further like this?



Discover what there is for you to know, feel and heal.


When you know better, you do better. Can you believe that there is information out there that resonates so much, that makes so much sense, yet no one ever told you about it? About universal laws, where we came from, how energy works, what ego is, and why we go through so much pain and suffering on planet Earth.


To really change our lives we need to embody what we’ve learned. That means: putting the knowledge into practice. But, where to start? In this program, you will learn how to use your emotional state of being as an indicator. Like a compass, showing you where to go in every new now moment.


There is no one right way to heal. Fact is, that allowing your emotions to flow through your body, and examining them (meaning – knowing where they came from and how they move), is a healing practice on its own. Extra tools and practices for grounding, clearing, and channeling will further assist you.

Read what Cila d’Oliveira experienced

while working with me & The Journey Home.

I find it very comforting to go through the feeling flowchart. It guides me to what might be helpful in that specific moment. It’s like a best friend who is always there for you, takes you by the hand to a place of new insights and/or tranquility and/or acceptance. The biggest difference is...

that I more easily accept heavy feelings. In some cases, I can let it be that way, and that’s enough. In other cases, I find it very comforting to go through the feeling flowchart. It guides me to what might be helpful in that specific moment. It’s like a best friend who is always there for you, takes you by the hand to a place of new insights and/or tranquility and/or acceptance. 

How do you feel differently now? (Cila wrote this while halfway through the program)

Before I mostly felt powerless. I didn’t understand how I felt, where it came from and I just wanted those bad feelings to go away (the heaviness, sadness, the stone in my belly). Now I feel more at ease, more resigned. I feel lighter despite the difficult days that I do experience from time to time. Now usually these moments may last a few hours, not days, weeks, or months anymore.

How do you experience the Soul Session? 

I find them very comforting. Just poring my heart out en receiving indications on what to do within the online learning environment. It is so nice to feel that I do not have to travel the road alone. 

The way Stephanie interacts with me is very pleasant. Nothing is obliged, everything is allowed but still, she points out to me the right handles for me to work with without it feeling like an obligation. For example the inner child work. In the beginning, I wasn’t ready for it and I didn’t understand this topic fully. But beautifully Stephanie cleared the way and now I did reach that point in which I am ready to work with my inner child. Which, in my case, has to do with growing up as an adult and not hiding anymore behind my inner child. 

What did you expect before you began working with The Journey Home? 

I’ve done quite some inner work before I started working with Stephanie. I was a little afraid it would not be complementary. 

Is it what you expected? 

No, it is so much more than I expected. It brought me so many new insights about myself and life in general. And I know that many beautiful experiences are yet to come. I’m only halfway through The Journey Home. 

How would you describe The Journey Home in a few words?

Knowing, feeling, healing & homecoming 

These are the subjects we will dive into during this in-depth 9 months 1:1 program.

|| The Plan || Discover the plan behind your plans and learn how to trust it. 

|| Boundaries || Learn how to heal and reinforce your boundaries by raising self-worth, self-power, and awareness.

|| Time || Free yourself from the pressure of time and avoid the time-trap.  

|| Earth Family || Come to peace with the key figures in your life while growing up. Understand their important role. 

|| Light Family || Learn how to connect with your Light Family. They are here to help. 

|| The Inner Child || Connect with the unhealed and traumatized parts of you. Learn how to take care of your Inner Child.

|| The Inner Critic || Learn how to heal your Inner Critic so that you can embrace yourself the way you are.

|| Ego || Learn how to recognize the ego and let it be of service to you instead of the other way around.

|| The Fog || Learn how to step out of conventional life into life on your own terms. 

|| Your bodies || Learn about your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body. 

|| Relationships ||Free yourself from (past) toxic relationships and make room for new healthy ones.

|| Receiving|| Learn all about opening up and clearing the way for all that you want to flow into your life.

|| Energy & Vibration || Learn how to work with energy, and protect yourself from negative energy around you.

|| I AM Awareness || Raise your I AM awareness and oneness consciousness.

|| Purpose || Discover your inner-, outer- and the ultimate purpose in life.

|| The Law of Attraction || Learn all about the Law of Attraction and the associated laws and how they work for you. 

|| Creating || All you need to know about how to become a magical co-creator with Source.

So... you've found me. Let me tell you more...

by Stephanie Waasdorp

This is what you’ll get

1. Online learning environment

Unlimited access to the online learning environment of The Journey Home. It consists of three sections (TO KNOW, TO FEEL, TO HEAL) and covers the 16 most essential topics for self-healing. There’s material in text, audio, meditations, visualizations, writing exercises, and video material so you can choose how, when, and where to learn.

2. 12 Soul Sessions

The Journey Home program comes with 12 individual Soul Sessions of 1H00 through Skype. This means that I will be by your side to guide you through some of the most transformational times of your life. We schedule these sessions together, within the timeframe of 9 months.

3. Exclusive group sessions

Every month I do an interactive and exclusive FB live Q&A just for the members of The Journey Home program.


4. Community support

You will be invited to join the private FB group BEYOND & RETRUN and participate in our sharings. A whole lot of love and support will be happening over there.

5. 9 Months email & WhatsApp support

During your journey home, I will be just one message away from you. If there’s anything you want to ask in between sessions, I’m here for fast insights and/or to do some extra channeling and clearing for you whenever you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the program take to complete?

You will have lifelong access to the material provided in the online learning environment. Your Soul Sessions can be scheduled up to nine months after payment. The email & WhatsApp support is included for nine months as well.

Where did you gain all this knowledge? Who are you to tell me anything?

First of all… I’m not the kind of person that tells you exactly what to do & when to do it. This may happen occasionally, like in a crisis situation, but mostly I help you wake up your own inner healer. You know best what you need and when you need it. 

I gained my knowledge mostly through experience. I’m on the path of spiritual awakening since I can remember. Looking for answers. Following therapies & courses but I cannot give you a list of all diplomas I have in this field. It would be a one-item list: NLP practitioner.

I believe life is our greatest teacher and if we pay attention and are willing, it teaches us everything we need to know to become free again. It is my purpose to be of service in the awakening process of humanity so the work comes naturally to me. I was born with the right set of natural talents to fulfill this purpose. 

If you feel my words (on this website, in my communication on social media, during my webinars, in our HOME community etc.) are true. If they touch your soul. If something inside of you is waking up. Maybe we’re meant to meet and work together for a while. 

If you’re not feeling it or prefer someone with more diploma’s I’m not your woman :). 

How can I know for sure if The Journey Home program is right for me?

You can book a free 30-minute call in which we will talk about that. I will answer all your questions, we’ll dive a little into your personal situation and we will see if we are a fit. I only work with people when I feel this really will be part of their next step (or milestone) in their healing journey. If not, I’ll tell you and hopefully can give you some other options to check out (first). 

In what language is the program?

The program is written and spoken in English. Also the video’s and meditations are spoken in English. The personal Soul Sessions can be in English, Dutch or Portuguese. The email support will be in English or Dutch, since my Portuguese writing is maisoumenos.

What's included?
  • 9 months unlimited email / WhatsApp support
  • 12 1:1 online Soul Sessions (1H30) for personal guidance throughout your transformational process.
  • Exclusive FB group membership BEYOND & RETURN
  • One exclusive FB live Q&A a month
  • Future 20% discount on all offerings
  • Access to the online learning environment:
    TO KNOW: 17 vital subjects explained clearly in audio and text.
    TO FEEL: a flowchart helping you to feel and examine your feelings.
    TO HEAL: 15 healing practices for grounding, channeling, and clearing in audio and text. Most of them are guided meditations that work with your subconscious mind to achieve long-lasting change and profound healing.
What's the investment?

9 x €350 per month excl. tax (23%) If you prefer to pay at once, you get a discount of €150. 

What's so unique about this program?

The Journey Home is a tool that you will use for the rest of your life. Because it guides you through healing processes. Not through a specific problem. 

It’s a tool you can and will make your own. 

Interested? Book a free 30-minute session with me. 

Last but not least

I want to tell you – from my heart to yours – that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. This is all part of the plan. The plan of you being here. You feeling stuck, is not who you are. You might feel stuck. You might feel stressed and burned out. You might feel unsatisfied. You might feel small. But you are non of that! You are so much much much much more… and I am here to help you remember.