Soul Session

personal guidance whenever you need it most


1H | €55

3 x 1H | €150 

Creating space. For you.

Do you feel lonely on your journey home? Do you feel stuck in your way of thinking? Are you at a crossroad? Did you recently go through a major change in your life? Need someone who listens from a neutral perspective?  

A soul session is a one-on-one session with me – through skype – in which I will help you clarify the situation you are in right now. I will feel into your energy and work with my intuition to help you remember what it’s all about. For you. In this present moment.

A soul session is 60 minutes and during that time you may bring up whatever you want to talk about.

Payment in advance.

A Soul Session is for you if… 

you feel the need to share your story with an objective outsider. If you’ve recently been faced with a life-changing event and you need some help restabilizing. If you feel lonely on your spiritual journey. If you’re about to take a major leap of faith (congrats!) and want to support yourself in the process.