How i serve

She Speaks

This is a community for heart centered female leadership. We come together locally, in our neighborhood, to do our inner work. There’s a facilitator that leads the participants of the meeting through a series of 4 questions. The She Speaks Meetings are based on The Journey Home program. 

she speaks

Do you want to join a meeting? 

I currently run a She Speaks group in my own neighborhood Arrábida, Portugal. If you are a resident of this area, please join our private FB group to connect with other participants and receive announcements for the next meeting. 

How i serve

Do you want to become a facilitator?

If there’s no She Speaks initiative in your area, you might want to start one yourself. Please get in touch before you do so. It is important to first connect with the mind, heart and soul of She Speaks before you use it in your community.