Life Review Session

discover the red thread in your life


2H | €250

From cel with a heartbeat till now...

Being the person you are today involved pain and suffering but also pleasure and joy along the way. Do you have any idea what is the main thread throughout your life? The themes or issues that keep coming back over and over again? May it be in different contexts. There is a common thread throughout everyone’s life. And it is very closely related to your personal outer purpose. 

In this Life Review Session, I am happy to help you regain the overview again. What were the key moments in your life? What kept coming back? And how does that relate to the situation you are in right now?

This 2-hour session is a true gift to yourself. I will not only give you insight and overview that might help you go through any (uncomfortable) situation you’re in right now It will also leave you with a feeling of hell yeah, I did all of that! And I am here.

A few days after, you will get the complete session written out by me in your mailbox. With some extra reflective questions to help you make the next moves in your life.

A Life Review Session is for you if… 

you want to give yourself the gift of telling YOUR COMPLETE STORY, from -0 to now. If you want to discover what main issues were, and maybe are, at play in your life. If you want to use that insight to make the next move with more certainty. If you want more clarity around your unique purpose. If you are ready to celebrate how far you’ve come.