Life Path Session

tell me your story


€250 ex. tax.

Session 1: REVIEW

Face to face with me, through Skype. +/- 2 hours.
A review from a cell with a heartbeat till now.
You receive the review written out by me.

Session 2: REVEAL

Face to face with me, through Skype. +/- 1 hour.
Your Future Self will reveal your life’s path that lies ahead of you.

From cel with a heartbeat till now...

You came a long way. Do you have any idea what is the main theme that runs throughout this lifetime of yours?

No, why should I? Because it will help you clarify why your life turned out a certain way. And with that insight, you can make better choices for the future.

There is a common thread throughout everyone’s life. And there are keypoints – turning points that turned our life upside down – that always have a reason for being there. Funny enough, it is in the area where we experience the most friction we can also discover our greatest gift. Because it’s where we have the most opportunity for growth.

What else? You can use your experiences from the past to get clear on what it is you want for the future. You can literally become the writer of your own story.

 During this two-part Life Path Session you will get:

1. An overview of your life so far.

To discover the key points, reoccurring themes, and the red thread throughout your life experiences. Connecting the dots.  In this first session, it’s all about REVIEWING the past.

2. Clarity on your future story. 

To connect you with your Future Self and get clear about the path that lies before you. In this second session, it’s all about REVEALING your desired future. 

A Life Path Session is a gift to yourself. It will not only give you insight and an overview. It will also leave you with a feeling of hell yeah, I did all of that! And I am still here. It gives you confidence, clarity, and insight on what actions to take next. 

A Life Path Session is for you if… 

you want to give yourself the gift of telling YOUR COMPLETE STORY, from -0 to now. If you want to discover the reoccurring themes or issues in your life. If you want to celebrate how far you’ve come. If you want to connect with your Future Self. If you want to get clear about the path that lies ahead. If you want more confidence in what steps to take next.