I'm ready

to recognize the truth of who I really am

Welcome you truth seeking traveler

Thank you for being here. I understand that you are ready to dive into deepest corners of your soul. To untie yourself from all strings that were holding you back. Born out of pain and a deep longing for freedom. You are now ready to face truth and recognise the amazing being that you are.

Soul Sessions

Hey! Do you want to talk?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information porring in? Are you struggling to find ways to talk to other people about your awakening? Do you feel lonely on your journey home?

Do you feel stuck in your way of thinking? Do you want some suggestions on how to simplify things? To see things in an other perspective? Does it all seem too big to comprehend? Could you use some help structuring your thoughts and feelings to understand where they are coming from?

Are you at a crossroad? Not knowing which way to go? Are you in doubt about choosing the safe path or the adventurous one? To follow the head or the heart? Do you not know if your should listen to the opinions of others? How to make up your mind?

Did you recently go through a major change in your life? A big loss? Maybe someone died or a relationship has ended? Did you have to give up a part of your life that was important to you? Your health? Your work? Would you like to talk about it with an outsider?

Do you feel like you just need someone to talk to? Someone who listens without judgement? Someone who holds space for you?

I can help. Book a Soul Session »

Bad news however: I do not have all the answers.

But, on the other hand, the good new is that you do! And I’ll be there to help you reach them.




The Journey Home

Email Support

Do you remember those sections in magazine’s where a reader would have a question for an expert, regarding a certain topic? The reader’s letter would always start with ‘Dear… ‘. This is the same. Well, not totally. Actually I just couldn’t come up with a better name for this offering.

Navigating the big wild ocean

We are here, in the middle of this wild and vast ocean trying to navigate our boats the best way we can. Towards the mainland. Rock steady soil to put our feet on. To feel safe. No matter if you’re experiencing the waves on a global level or on your own personal level right now. Or both. One thing is always connected to the other. Navigating is just so hard sometimes. And tiring. And difficult. And painful. And lonely.



Do you not really feel like talking about what’s going on inside of you right now? Do you want to stay in your (anonymus) comfort zone and reach out for help in an easy way? Do you like the idea of deciding for yourself how much you would like to pay for it?

Then please, please send me an email. I’m here to help «

Like a lightship at open sea, I’m here.