I am ready

to recognize the truth of who I really am

Welcome you Truth Seeking Traveler


Thank you for being here. You are ready to dive into deepest corners of your soul. To free yourself from all that is holding you back. I see you. I feel you. And I know your longing for freedom was born out of pain and suffering.  Prepare yourself to come eye to eye – soul to soul – with the amazing being that you really are. Becoming. And arriving.

Below you can choose the type of guidance that fits you best. If you are in doubt about what’s best for you, feel free to book a 30 minute call with me. I will help you discover what feels best for you right now. It’s free.


Soul Sessions


Do you feel lonely on your journey home? Do you feel stuck in your way of thinking? Are you at a crossroad? Did you recently go through a major change in your life?

A soul session is a one on one session with me – through skype – in which I will help you clarify the situation you are in right now. I will feel into your energy and work with my intuition to help you remember what this is all about.

This new perspective from which we will look at the ‘problem’, will bring you releaf and new insights. You will know what to do next. 

Each session is 60 minutes and during that time you may bring up whatever you want to talk about. 

Payment needs to be done in advace. 

60 MINUTE SESSION – €55 incl tax.
3X 60 MINUTE SESSION – €150 incl tax.


The Journey Home

All you need to know to help you feel and heal. In this program you’ll learn how to use your emotional state of being as a compass for healing. It includes full access to the online learning environment, 8 Soul Sessions, community support, exclusive FB lives and more…

Email Support


We are here, in the middle of this wild and vast ocean trying to navigate our boats the best way we can. Towards the mainland. Rock steady soil to put our feet on. To feel safe. No matter if you’re experiencing the waves on a global level or on your own personal level right now. Or both. One thing is always connected to the other. Navigating is just so hard sometimes. And tiring. And difficult. And painful. And lonely.

Email support is an easy way to reach out for help. To discover what there is for you to know right now. 

€25 incl tax

Please sit down, quiet your mind the way works best for you and write down your situation. Finish with a clear question. Include any background information needed for me to get a better understanding of your situation.

I will tune into your energy and reply to your question. I do that based on my intuition and with help from my light family. I answer only one question per email, so please be aware of that.