‘Magical’ creation is not done by force, with intellect, perseverance, fast action, and willpower. That time is over. And very much part of the old world in which the masculine energy was dominant and became excessive. Too much. Out of proportion.

‘Magical’ creation is also not done by closing our eyes, thinking positive thoughts, and tapping into love & abundance. Throwing our masculine qualities into the garbage in one judgemental movement.


It happens in the middle. With awareness of thoughts & consciously using them, allowing feelings, understanding energy & taking inspired action, restoring connections, and discovering our purpose.

That’s how we do it in the new world. On the new Earth. Or should I say with the new Earth?

We call it magic because we drifted far off our true nature. We are creator beings. Light beings. It’s all about remembering, dis-covering, and restoring. We cannot not create. We always create. Make sure it’s something you feel good about!

Much love,

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