Email Support

for clarity & cleansing of your energetic space


€25 per email

Navigating the big wild Ocean.

Here we are. In the middle of this wild and vast Ocean. Trying to navigate our boats the best way we can. Towards the mainland. Rock steady soil to put our feet on. To feel safe. Whether you are experiencing the waves on a global level or on your own personal level right now. Or both. One thing is always connected to the other. And navigating is just so hard sometimes. And tiring. And difficult. And painful. And lonely.

Email support is an easy way to reach out for help. To discover the wider Source perspective.

Please sit down, quiet your mind the way that works best for you, and write down what you are worrying about. Include any background information needed for me to get a better understanding of your situation. Finish with one clear question.

I will tune into your energy and reply to your question. Not telling you what to do. Just passing on what I see, feel, and hear based on the information I got from you (both in the text as in the energy behind your words). I answer one question per email, so please be aware of that.

Email Support is for you if… 

you are open to receive guidance from Source. If you feel stuck and simply would like a different perspective on your situation. If you want to support yourself on your journey home. If you feel uncomfortable talking about your ‘problem’ and prefer to write about it.