Do you remember those sections in magazine’s where a reader would have a question for an expert, regarding a certain topic? The reader’s letter would always start with ‘Dear… ‘. This is the same. Well, not totally. Actually I just couldn’t come up with a better name for this offering.

Navigating the big wild ocean

We are here, in the middle of this wild and vast ocean trying to navigate our boats the best way we can. Towards the mainland. Rock steady soil to put our feet on. To feel safe. No matter if you’re experiencing the waves on a global level or on your own personal level right now. Or both. One thing is always connected to the other. Navigating is just so hard sometimes. And tiring. And difficult. And painful. And lonely.

  • Do you not really feel like talking about what’s going on inside of you right now?
  • Do you want to stay in your (anonymus) comfort zone and reach out for help in an easy way?
  • Do you like the idea of deciding for yourself how much you would like to pay for it?

Then please, please send me an email. I’m here to help.

Here is how this works:
  1. Write me an email about where you’re at. Your feelings. Your thoughts. Your doubts and fears. Anything that wants to come out, put it on paper. And click ‘send’ to Please mention in the subject line ‘Dear Stephanie Booking + your name’.
  2. Before I read your email I will tune in with my spirit guides, put my own ego, projections and problems aside and open my heart. I will process your words from a neutral standpoint. And I will start writing intuitively. That means that I write fast and without thinking. It’s more like a flow of words coming thought. Meant for you now. (Email 1)
  3. Soak in the words, feel where you can relate and discover what is true for you. And send me your response. Maybe my email caused you to have a different question. Maybe you want to get clarification about a specific part. Or maybe you simply want to share again your thoughts and feelings. Please do so.
  4. I will reply in the same way as before. (Email 2). You may reply back to me but from my side this will be the last in dept email.
  5. After Email 2 you will receive an invitation from me regarding your payment. You decide how much you want to pay, choosing from €33, €66 or €88.
Frequently asked questions about the ‘Dear Stephanie’ emails.

Can I have more than just one ‘Dear Stephanie’ session?
Yes, if you want more you can always add an other session. There is however a maximum of 3 sessions in a row. After each session (2 emails) the payment is made.

How much time will it take to receive an answer?
As a intuitive being following my natural flow, it can vary from one hour to 7 workdays maximum before I answer your email. If you know divine timing is real, your answer will always enter your inbox at the right moment. Just like everything in your life enters at the prefect time.

Why should I pay you to receive a reply by email?
Well… because words have power and loving words, directed purely to you, coming from a place of non judgement and infinite intelligence is valuable.

Why is there no fixed price?
Because I know some people can afford to spend a bit more, others less. Besides, for one person it can have a major impact. For an other it can have a smaller impact. Or the impact will only be discovered much time after reading the emails. You never know. I never know.

Then how can you guarantee that I, or anybody else, will pay?
I can’t. But I trust in the bigger plan behind this. If you are anything like me, you like your freedom of choice. And you love to pay for something valuable.

I’m not a good writer, does that matter?
No, it doesn’t. You can read this article on the blog to get you started anyway and take the hurdle. After all ‘I’m not a good writer’ is just a belief that can be observed and turned around.

Can’t I just give you a call?
No, the whole point of this Dear Stephanie email service is that you allow your feelings and thoughts to be written down, look at it from a distance, share it and get a reply that you can return to any time you need it.

I’m not sure if this is for me, can you help me decide?
Well, if you’re not sure it’s probably not for you. Maybe you are not sure yet. You know, you can always decide ‘no for now’ and come back any time you feel a ‘yes’. You decide.

Can my email be about any subject?
Almost any subject, yes. If I receive an email with an inappropriate question or a question or a story that I cannot possibly answer to, I will decline your request and inform you about it. Also good to know is that I do not give any medical advise and I do not predict the future.

How long should my email be?
As long as you want. But please try, at the end of your letter, to formulate one question that you wish to be answered the most.

How can an email or two from you possibly solve my problems?
It can’t. I can’t. But what I can do is open your mind. So that you, yourself, will see more possibilities.

You might move from dispair to resignation.
From fearful to curios.
From anger to relief.
From anxious to calm.
From hopeless to hopeful.
From feeling weak to feeling alive.
From feeling alone to feeling connected.
From closed hearted to open hearted.
From confused to clear minded.
From lost in thoughts to centered in the heart.

Will my story be safe with you?
Yes. The information will only be between you and me and will never be shared unless you give permission.

How can I book a session?
Send your letter to Make sure to mention in the subject line ‘Dear Stephanie Booking + your name‘. And you will receive your answer.

Ready to write me a letter?

Much love,

Ps: if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me at




Foto credit: Daphne van Leuken Fotografie