Stories on stage, that’s what my talks are. Already from a young age I had a natural feel for talking to a crowd. Where as in daily life I could struggle expressing myself, on a stage I always found myself talking without any problem. Later on as a teacher I gained much more experience in leveling with the listeners and giving each individual the feeling of ‘hey, she’s talking to me’.

When I prepare for a speech or a talk I do not need to write it out and learn it by heart. I dive into the information I get about the audience, write down a few keywords and leave the rest up to co-creating with the crowd and the universe.

This makes my talks interactive, very personal and very natural. Here are a few examples of what a talk can be about and for who:

For entrepreneurs

A talk about how to do business on your own terms. Stephanie speaks about what can happen if you do not follow the mainstream (business) formula’s and shows the audience how to be (more) successful instead.

Duration: 45 minutes
Price: €450 ex. tax and travel expenses

For graduates

Food for though for graduates as they are about to take their fist steps into the big wild world. The insights offered will probably not be the kind of stuff the students have heard from their teachers or parents.

Duration: 20 minutes
Price: €350 ex. travel expenses

For youth

A talk to get students curious for life again. To initiate a spark, a curiosity that might have gotten lost along the way. Stephanie shares her personal stories and guides students back to their own lust for life.

Duration: 30 minutes
Price: €400 ex. tax and travel expenses

For company’s and organisations

A talk about heart centered leadership and how it can make a difference in your company. In Stephanie’s point of view everybody is a leader and should be treated that way. People are leaders on their own field, no matter the size of that area. Everybody is a leader in their own life. This talk is meant to inspire people, all people in your company, to take themselves, their position in the company and their contribution to the whole, seriously. She talks to the managers about what it will ask from them. She talks to the team members and operational staff about what it will ask from them.

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: €700 ex. tax and travel expenses

For soul searchers

Stephanie’s stories on stage for soul searchers can cover various subjects and have various approaches depending on the audience and interests. The talks are mostly inspirational, heart opening and empowering. Showing people we are all connected. All the same. And all powerful and beautiful beyond believes. Here is the list subjects:

  • how to manifest your dream life
  • how to overcome fear
  • how to make (big) life and career decisions
  • how to bring more ease into your life
  • how to use the laws of the universe
  • how to overcome an abusive relationship
  • how to find your place or your way home
  • how to be a happy single parent
  • how to move from victim to freedom

Duration: 30 minutes / 60 minutes
Price: €450 / €700 ex. tax and travel expenses

Extra: 30 minutes Q&A – €100 ex. tax

Important to know

These above suggestions are brief descriptions and just some examples of how a story on stage could be. It is possible to make combinations and variations. A talk can also be shortened or extended. And a talk can be followed up by a Q&A session (30 minutes – €150).

If you want to know exactly what I can do for your group or at your event, please send me an email. Let me know what you have in mind and I am happy to think with you and see if there’s a fit.

Languages: Dutch and English

For more information and bookings get in touch