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Connection. Inspiration. Activation.

Honest and genuine connection with the audience. An avalanche of inspiration. A clear call to action. That’s what I have to offer. My stories are always based on my own experiences. No talk is the same as I customize every speech or presentation for the audience.

Subjects you can book me for:
→ The power of a free woman/man.
→ The art of surrendering.
→ The secrets of living life fearlessly.
→ From the head to the heart.
→ Discovering your purpose.
→ How to go BEYOND pain and suffering.
→ Birthing a new Earth.
→ Manifesting and creation.

The stories from personal experiences I use to bring the message to life, evolve around: my inner journey ‘home’, homesickness, travels to Western Africa, un-popular choices I made, becoming a mother unexpectedly, immigrating to another country, saying goodbye to the 9-5 job and starting life as an entrepreneur, leaving an abusive relationship (while pregnant), discovering my connection with Source, asking for help, learning how energy works, the healing power of nature, manifesting with the Law of Attraction, friendship, unconditional love and much more…

A talk by Stephanie is for your audience if… 

you want people to remember this woman’s speech years or decades after because what they got from it, was a life-changing insight. Ah… and if you want people to have a good laugh. I’ll always try to be funny up there – from time to time.