The ‘Truth Seeking Traveler‘, whaaat? Let me explain… it’s a term I use a lot in my work. It describes the kind of people The Journey Home program is for. But what do I mean by it? And how can you know if you are a Truth-Seeking Traveler?

In this article you will read about the following:
  • We are all travelers
  • Characteristics of the Truth-Seeking Traveler
  • Challenges of the Truth-Seeking Traveler
  • The purpose of the Truth-Seeking Traveler
  • How to relate to others who aren’t like you

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We are all travelers

Before entering this body you already existed. You are not this body. You are Source light energy having a human body experience. This is temporary. For you to learn and experience what it is like to be limited. Limited to a body, limited to Earth in a 3D field. All for the purpose of learning, experiencing, and expanding. To obtain a state of freedom within the duality of this world; that’s heaven. And to know light, we need to know darkness. That’s what you and everybody else is here for. To play the game of duality. 

Before you came into this body your soul decided on a few key points beforehand: your gender, place of birth, parents, family lineage, what you want to learn or experience, and if you will wake up fully or not. 

A soul might choose to not wake up for the purpose of enabling others to do so. And a soul might choose to do wake up during this lifetime so that they can be a beacon of light for those who are, in this lifetime, trying to make their way out of the fog (as well). In order to wake up, we need the ‘sleepy’ souls around us. Duality is one of Earth’s laws we cannot escape. Judging one lifetime as more important or holy than another lifetime based on how awake somebody is, is a sign of sleepiness. There is nothing wrong with that, it’s just a characteristic that fits not being fully awake (yet). And we’ve all been there right and we all do this sometimes, right? 

All humans are living their life according to plan. All humans are travelers. How a plan unfolds around the predetermined (often life-changing) events depends on free will. It’s the events in our lives that we cannot prevent from happening. They are written in the stars. It’s part of our plan and of the cosmic plan as well. And it is always divine, even though we might experience it differently from our limited human perspective.

Characteristics of the Truth-Seeking Travelers

1. Homesickness

These travelers often are born with a deep longing for home, whatever that might mean. A longing to go back to where they came from. Homesickness will probably not be an unknown feeling for you if you are a Truth-Seeking Traveler.

2. ‘Is it me or…?’

These travelers have wondered more than once ‘is it me or is everybody else crazy around here?’ Either you have been convinced that you are the crazy one (it’s probably me) or you grew up knowing the opposite: that there was something fundamentally ‘off’ in the world and with most people around you. Or, also very possible, you switched between those two.

3. Highly sensitive and/or introverted

The Truth-Seeking Traveler is often highly sensitive. They are very aware of other people’s feelings and struggles, even without necessarily knowing the other person. Their energy is easily drained by other people. They are like sponges, absorbing everyone and everything around them in a very detailed and profound way.

Also, more often than not the Truth-Seeking Traveler is a person who needs lots of me-time. Time to collect their thoughts, meditate, and simply rest. Being around people can be nice, but is also tiresome most of the time.

4. Freedom

The most important value for these travelers is freedom. Freedom is their highest good and they often are very aware when the opposite is being experienced. Freedom is what they want most. Profound freedom. 

5. Family issues

More often than not, these travelers have chosen some challenging family structures and patterns that they have to learn to deal with. They might be the black sheep of the family, making different choices and having to break certain family patterns that go back for generations.

6. Entrepreneurial & creative fantasy worlds

These souls are often very creative people with a rich fantasy world. They are the dreamers, drifting off to other worlds easily. Also, they often have an entrepreneurial spirit, because they simply like to do things their way. They need space to create on their own terms. It’s often the best way for them to come to full bloom.

7. Responsibility

Truth-Seeking Travelers often have a huge sense of responsibility. Many times they feel over-responsible for the happiness of others because they feel their suffering as if it is theirs. They want to be of service and do good.

8. Nature

These travelers either just love nature or wild nature frightens them. Some souls feel more at home around animals and nature than around people. It might be the only place where they can actually breathe. For other Truth-Seeking Travelers, nature can be actually quite frightening. It reminds them of everything they have left behind. Activating that sense of being lost, lonely, and feeling homesick. Either way, nature is definitely a theme in their lives.

Challenges in the lives of a Truth-Seeking Traveler

1. Boundaries

These travelers often experience challenges to put up healthy boundaries. It’s almost as if they have to learn where their own person stops and where the other one begins. Everything might be quite vague and they might go wherever life takes them without questioning: do I want this? Is this good for me?

2. Energy

Truth-Seeking Travelers need to learn how to manage their energy very well. Their sensitivity makes them extra vulnerable to lose the connection with themselves. The outside world simply influences them a lot. And it can be quite a challenge to stay grounded and energetically clean. 

3. Acceptance

These travelers often find challenges in accepting themselves for who they are. Often in life, they have experienced their qualities not being seen or valued. They have to learn how to gain strength and self-confidence from within. Owning their sensitivity. Owning their ‘weirdness’. Owning their out-of-the-ordinary choices without feeling the need to explain or justify themselves.

4. Leaving and healing from narcissistic abuse

A challenge many Truth-Seeking Travelers choose as a part of their plan is to experience what it is like to be with a narcissistic person. They choose to experience this because it can be used – and for Truth-Seeking Travelers it will – as a catapult into the light. It’s a highway towards self love and freedom because within this relationship they have experienced the complete opposite. It’s a challenge many Truth Seeking Travelers have to face and heal from in order to become who they really are. 

What is the purpose of life for a Truth-Seeking Traveler?

The meaning of purpose can be explained in different ways. It can be looked at from different perspectives and be talked about from different levels. But there is one thing all Truth-Seeking Travelers have in common: their purpose evolves around freedom. How they get there, and how they eventually decide to use their time on Earth depends on many personal factors. But freedom is the one thing they most of all have in common.

By the way, if you want to know more about purpose (inner, outer and ultimate purpose), please listen to the story I wrote. You can find it by filling in your details on the contact-page. The story is called ‘Be like me, said the tree’ and available in text and audio. 

Why freedom?

Because freedom reminds us of home. Freedom IS home. It’s where we came from, where we were free. There were no limits. No boundaries. No duality. All was one and we were free.

To discover the secret of coming home to you, on this planet Earth, in this body, is heaven.

It’s the closest to Source we can be. It’s the closest to freedom and truth and light we can get.

How to reach this state of freedom?

Facing the truth. Only truth can set you free. And the Truth-Seeking Travelers know this deep down inside. They might be able to suppress and hide their own painful truths for some time. But the human life of a Truth-Seeking Traveler is characterized by not being able to live with the lie anymore. They will come to a point in their lives, where they have to face it. They cannot lie anymore. They cannot pretend or hide anymore. Because they want to be free so badly. They know, it’s the only way home.

And this is where the Truth-Seeking Traveler is completely differently wired.

How to relate to others who aren’t like you?

First of all, you have to understand why not everybody is like you. It links back to what I mentioned earlier: for some – or maybe for many – it’s not included in their plan to fully wake up to the truth of who they are. At least, not in this lifetime. Also, others – souls who are less sensitive and simply chose other learning experiences – experience the world completely differently. They often don’t even realize that they are sleeping or lying to themselves in some area of life. They live out their plan just the same and might actually be very happy. For the truth-seeking ones, this is unimaginable. But for many, it’s an accepted reality in which they do just fine.

So everybody is in perfect service to the whole. All as planned. All is connected. All is needed. Duality is an Earthly law. Remember.

Accept this. Stop explaining yourself. Stop defending your choices. And stop judging. Whenever you judge another person, look into the mirror, and ask yourself what part of you is not free yet. What does this judgment say about you?

Last but not least: choose your people wisely. Feel free to say no to people you don’t feel good with. Surround yourself with loving hearts who make you feel light at heart. Who give you air to breathe. Connect with like-minded people (online). Find your tribe or start your own. We are many.


  • Do you feel a longing for home?
  • Do you sometimes feel like an alien from a different planet?
  • Have you ever wondered ‘is it me or is everybody around here crazy a.f.?
  • Are you highly sensitive?
  • Are you introverted, needing lots of alone time?
  • Is freedom most important to you?
  • Do you feel like an outsider in your family?
  • Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset?
  • Do you have a creative spirit?
  • Do you have a rich fantasy life?
  • Do you feel hugely responsible (for other people’s happiness)?
  • Do you have a great passion or aversion to being in nature / with animals?
  • Do you have trouble setting boundaries?
  • Do you often say yes when you mean no?
  • Do you often feel drained when around other people?
  • Do you experience your sensitivity as a disadvantage?
  • Do you sometimes wish you were like everybody else?
  • Do you feel different and therefore not oké with you?
  • Did or do you have to deal with a narcissistic person in your life?

If ‘yes’ is your most common answer to these questions, I welcome you to the club!

Let me know in the comment box below if you feel like you might be a Truth-Seeking Traveler as well. Type yes and tell me what part of this description resonated with you the most. ↓

Love to hear from you.

Let’s walk each other home.

♥ Stephanie

PS: A very important side note: This article was not written to put people into boxes or to label them. It’s written for the purpose of bringing awareness to the way some people are wired and belonging for those who resonate with it. This information is not written in stone. It’s simply my truth based on my experiences and knowledge.

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