about me

and what I believe in

I love long walks and early morning coffee

There is something magical about the first part of the day. As if I get the opportunity to start again. Fresh. I love opportunities. And freshness.

I am a practical woman. Always looking for simplicity. I am also super duper sensitive. Deep conversations are the best but only when alternated with laughing my pants off.

I do not follow recipes.

I have a passion for Africa (yep… I know that’s a continent) and I am constantly finetuning my ability to fear less and love more. And physical fitness. Working on that as well.

I was born in the Netherlands but found my home in Portugal. A country that gave me so much: an easy pace, sunshine, and yes… there’s that coffee again! I live a quiet life, just how I like it. The Ocean gives me air to breathe. The mountains of Arrábida give me the safe feeling that all is well.

I am a single mother of two. Boys. That’s good because pink, glitter make-up, and barbies are not my cup of tea.

Gimme dinosaurs and monstertrucks babe!

However… from time to time I do oblige them to go wild with me on colored papers with paint, pencils, and funny stickers. Can’t help!

As for my professional life: I have a bachelor in Social Studies and got a job as a teacher and mentor right after. I did that for a only year because my entrepreneurial blood didn’t stop running. I’m an NLP / hypnosis practitioner and have been educating myself in spirituality, non-duality, self-development, entrepreneurship, and energy work since my teenage years. Having had many spiritual awakenings ever since. Which would not have been possible without hitting many walls. Aww! How I ended up running a successful business in tourism I’ll tell you one day…

My core values are freedom, joy, and connection


What I believe in

We as a human species, and Mother Earth as a living entity itself, are at a tipping point. We are giving birth to a new Earth. And it freakin’ hurts! All women who gave birth know this. They also know that while giving birth, a greater force is at work. And it’s all about the ability to work with that force, instead of against it.

In these transformational times towards a new Earth, we are restoring connections.

  • The connection with our surroundings. Both on Earth – with nature, animals, at home – as with our place in this Universe as a whole.
  • The connection with others, whether we are surrounded by like-minded people or not. With familiars or with friends we haven’t met yet.
  • And last but not least, the connection with ourselves. Our highest truest selves.

Joy will get a completely different meaning. And freedom will be the result. And equality. And justice. And peace. That is simply how nature works: you cannot harm anything or anyone around you if you know that the other person, animal, or thing is just another expression of You.

I believe in a world in which humans are growing their understanding of the world.

And not only of the world. Of the Universe. Which starts with understanding ourselves. As for I know for sure that within us we hold the cosmic blueprint of the whole.

The further we travel the road within, the deeper our understanding of the world around us becomes.

It is my mission to effectuate healthy connections, so people can bring back joy and freedom into their lives while playing this game called life on Earth.

FEAR or LOVE? That is always the only question.

Let’s walk each other home, shall we?

Much love,