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|| Untie yourself, find your way home and RETURN ||

To know

To feel

To heal

Are you tired of struggling? 

Research shows that nearly two third of the population feels burned-out at some point in their life. Feeling stressed, unsure, fearful and overall unhappy is very common. You don’t have to run a fulltime job or a business for it. You can feel like that while being unemployed or being a stay at home parent. This means the outer circumstances do not matter that much. This is an internal issue

What many people tend to do when internal uncomfortableness comes up, is cover it. But by distracting yourself, you are hiding the real truth that needs to come out. Therefor the outer experiences are not changing or are getting worse. 

There are simple ways to navigate out of the dark, into the light. You just need to know how certain things work, feel your feelings and heal.

My name is Stephanie and I offer spiritual guidance for truth seeking travelers. For years I’ve been struggling with the feeling on not belonging and trying to keep up with all my must-do’s. I got lost in toxic relationships. I was loosing patience with people I love. I was disrespecting my highly sensitive self and my sacred space. Eventually panic attacks (for seemingly no reason at all) showed me that I was at the edge of a burn out.

Your feelings, your compass.

Your feelings are not a pain in the ass. They are the key to open the door to the second part of your life. Non pleasant emotions show you what can be healed right now.

The problem is that many of us were teached to not express emotions. So, we kept it all in and healthy emotions became toxic, stuck in our bodies.

My quest for answers started about 20 years ago. Now, I can finally say it all fell into place. I experience life as a funny game. A game I cannot loose. A game that I enjoy immensely. A game that I keep getting better at. Feeling centered, purposed and homey 🙂 

Ask yourself a few questions:

// Have you been through hell and back?

// Is there something holding you back from having an abundant life, but you don’t know what it is?

// Do you know you are a highly sensitive person but no clue how to use that as a super power?

// Do you feel like you’re the black sheep of the family?

 // Are you ready for more you and less bullshit? 

Discover what is here for you to know, feel and heal.

|| Laws of nature || Discover some of the most important laws of the universe and how they can work for you. 

|| Relationships ||Free yourself completely from (past) toxic relationships and make room for new healthy ones.

|| Stepping out || How to step out of conventional life into a life on your own terms. 

|| Non-duality || Raise your I AM awareness and oneness consciousness.

|| Inner + outer purpose || Discover your inner and outer purpose in life.

|| Light family || Connect with your other family. Your light family is here to help. 

|| Crisis responses || Understand how you and other people react to crisis and practice compassion.

|| Self love || What self love really means and how to practice it. 

|| 3+1 bodies || Learn about your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. 

|| Ego || Learn how to recognize it and rise above.

|| Receiving|| Open up and become a magical creator.

|| Pain || Be able to understand it, feel it and heal it.

These are just 12 of the 30 subjects covered in The Journey Home.

The Journey Home 

The Journey Home is an online program (with optional one on one guidance) that gives an overview of all the missing pieces you need:

  • To understand profoundly and make sense of it all
  • To be able to heal yourself now and in the future
  • To complete your journey home and start to RETURN your gifts

To know

In this section you find the most important information for you to know about awakening and reaching that Great Point of (No) RETURN. You can either read about it or listen to my voice telling you about it. 

To feel

The flow chart in this section allows you to discover where a feeling is coming from and suggestions on which healing method to use.

To heal

In this section you find some of the most important tools for healing. Here are a few examples: 


  • Join the private group HOME & RETURN, only for people who follow or followed The Journey Home program (with or without one on one guidance). 
  • One Q&A FB live in the HOME & RETURN group per month. 
  • Occasional FB lives in the HOME & RETURN group where I share my latest insights. 
  • A typical Portuguese gift (in physical form) from me to you.
  • 20% discount on future evens, like Truth Searching Traveler Retreats, Fearless Traveler Retreats and Gatherings. 

The investment for The Journey Home online program without one on one guidance: € 1.227 

The investment for The Journey Home online program with one on one guidance (5 x 1hour sessions): € 1.627

Available soon! Available soon! Available soon! Available soon!

Are you interested? Follow my Facebook page or join the HOME Facebook community and you will be informed as soon as the program goes live!


The first THREE people who claim their spot for The Journey Home online program (without one on one guidance) by sending an email to stephanie[at] get the program FOR FREE! 

Last but not least, I want to tell you - from my heart to yours- that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. This is all part of the plan. The plan of you being here. You feeling stuck, is not who you are. You feel tied. You feel stressed. You feel unsatisfied. You feel tired. But you ARE much much much more than that. 

You feeling the way you do right now, is all part of you waking up to who you really are. 

Ready to go home and RETURN? 






Foto: Maarten