Crisis occurs when you feel like you are loosing something you thought was yours. Today it got very clear to me. There are basically three ways in which human beings respond to crisis.

What is important to know is that I’m sharing this information with you from a neutral standpoint. I’m not implicating that anything here is good or bad. It’s just the way it is and ALL is needed in this perfectly scripted chaos called life on earth 😉

  • The struggling ones
  • The frozen ones
  • The awakening ones
The struggling ones

These are the beautiful people who do not seem to get out of the fear modus. And based on fear, they believe everything what the main stream media and so called professionals are saying (instead of listening to their own instinct as well). Based on fear, they cling on to a positive mindset. Based on fear, they blame other people. Based on fear, they give their power away. Based on fear, they fight real hard.

The frozen ones

These beautiful people are the ones who put their head in the sand and hope it will all be over soon. They look for distractions. Sure, they’ll give it some time and try to stay positive. And maybe make a small change in their life but nothing changes substantially from within. They hope that life can go back to the way it was as soon as possible.

The awakening ones

These are the ones that take a crisis as an opportunity to go inwards AND/OR outwards. What do I mean by that? Well, this group can be divided into two categories.

Awakening and inwards

The awakening ones who go within are the ones who take crisis as an invitation to heal any part of themselves that was in need of healing. It means that they feel their feelings, they do their inner work, they unveil, they strengthen their connection with the higher spirit as well as with earth.

Often those beautiful people are shy about their observations, their feelings and thoughts. They went inwards so deeply, and found such a great source of love and power that it’s difficult for them to talk about it. They experience difficulties in sharing, going outwards. So this can only take them so far.

Awakening and outwards

The awakening ones who go outwards will use crisis as an extra motivation to do good. They are the dreamers that know a different world is possible by taking action. They use their knowledge and care for the world to make it a better place. May times these people are the at the front lines of the green movements. They just know how important it is and act.

At one point these beautiful people just get tired. Very very tired. Because they forget to go inwards. It might still be a bit painful to go inwards. To face their own patterns, problems and (family) issues. Solving the world’s problems can easily be used as an excuse for not solving their own personal ones. And that can only take them so far.

Where the real magic happens

The real magic happens when you, as an awakening person, start to mix the inner and outer movements.

The Great Point of (No) Return

Because then you will eventually come to The Great Point of (No) Return. From then on you will start to RETURN. Return means simply being you and shining your light. You’ve discovered the truth of who you really are and can return to the world by tapping into the infinite source of love and wisdom. You’ve found it. Everything clicks. Click. Click. Click. Click. You understand how things work. All is one awareness is always present. Being human becomes like playing a game. There is no more convincing other people. There is no trying so hard. There is no more proving yourself worthy. There is no more judgement. It – being human – will be effortless and joyful most of the time. That’s the biggest difference.


From the higher self point of view the terms ‘struggling ones’, ‘frozen ones’ and even ‘awakening ones’ are very poorly chosen. It implies that we, as human beings, identify with them. That we ARE them. ‘He is struggling’. ‘She is freezing’. ‘I am awakening’. And that’s exactly why I’ve chosen these terms, because they will ring a bell. ‘Hey, that’s me!’ or ‘that’s my husband’. You can immediately identify with them and classify people and also yourself.

BUT after the Great Point of (No) Return the identification with all of these labels will vanish. And you will just know I AM ALL THAT I AM. There will be an even present I AM awareness field of high every in your life, helping you to know YOU ARE HOME.

Important to remember
  • There are good hearted, fun and loving people in all phases.
  • Many people pass through all of these ‘stages’ and experience a lot of the corresponding emotions and thoughts. It’s not a linear process. It’s a bumpy road.
  • Not all people want to come to fully understand who they really are and that’s just fine. It’s simply not included in their plan for this lifetime on planet earth.
Use this as a tool

For those of you who do wish to find their true selves, use this information as a tool for better understanding yourself and your loved ones. Know where you’re at and where your family members and loved ones are at. And open up to them, and to yourself, with compassion.

No matter where you or your loved ones are at, know that you and they are loved.

All is well.

Big hug,



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