For leaders who want their sparkle back.

This is for the change makers.

The brave ones wanting to move through the wold from a place of peace, light & power. 

My work is well received by sensitives, entrepreneurs & leaders who know they are here for a bigger purpose but are troubled by a deep sense of not beloning. 

I bring safety, love and attention to all my interactions through which radical honesty and transformation from the inside out is possible. 

Stephanie Waasdorp

mentor, writer, speaker

What if this isn't happening to you, but for you?

How I Can Help

I offer simple ways for you to make sense out of a mess & come to clarity. To create space to be honest & come to lightness. To (re)connect to your essence & come home to you. I teach people how to move, speak, work, relate from that place. 

She Speaks

A community for female heart-centered leadership in Arrábida, Portugal. We have regular offline meetings in which we dive deep into our souls. Following a simple set of questions. Which allows us to connect with ourselves & each other. 

The Journey Home

My deepest, truest, and most complete offering for people who are ready to move beyond their deepest fears and return to the world, to serve from a place called home. This is a intensive 1:1 online coaching program.

Awaking Teams

Improving performances by tackling communication problems at the roots.  This is for leaders with a long term vision who know that their (business) success depends on their people. Teambuilding focussed on raising personal awareness.  

free workshop

Get Your Energy Back

In 3 short video’s I explain how to get your energy back. Starting now.

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A Way

There’s not one way to come back home to your essence. There are as many ways as there are people. That’s why all structures for internal investigation I offer are based on questions. The answers, you have. And I’m here to help you find them. In essence, you will learn how to guide yourself back to knowing, feeling & (self)healing. This is where our true power lies. The one that moves mountains.

To Know

When a problem arrises, it’s often because there were some things we didn’t know. Cause if we did, we would have made different choices. And then there is such a thing as remembering. The kind of knowing that does not come from mind. But from heart. 

To Feel

Our body’s are made to feel. Feelings want to be felt. They need a free passage through our system. Unfelt feelings stay in the body and become toxic over time. It’s essential to create safety for a person to feel them anyway, without the mind interfering.

To Heal

Healing is not about applying the right techniques or sitting for hours in meditation. It’s about learning how to listen to what you need right now, and giving it to yourself. Whatever it is in that moment. We all need different things at different times.

The world needs people who live in it but are not of it.
your host

Hi, I’m Stephanie

Mother of two. Entrepreneur. Writer. Public Speaker. I love morning coffee & long walks at the beach. I am a practical woman. Always looking for simplicity. I am also super duper sensitive. 

Often people ask me: 
How come you always shine so bright? 
Don’t the problems of the world weigh you down?
– How do you do all of this? Where do you find the courage? 
Followed by: I admire you so much!

To be honest with you, there’s no secret. And there’s nothing I have that you don’t. In essence it’s really very simple. I’m connected to my center (home). Enough of the time. I know who I am and therefor have access to the universal force of love. Which changes everything. How I speak, cry, relate, talk to myself, make descisions, raise my kids etc. 

How I did it? I payed attention to the greatest teachers of them all: life itself. I discovered a way through (my) life’s challenges. It gave me peace, steadyness & freedom. It required – and still requires – balls, willingness & leadership. 

I’m grateful to share my (com)passion for this journey home with you by giving you the safe space, inspiration & tools you need. At your service!