For leaders who want their sparkle back.

Hi dear,

You’re strong but tired. You’re sensitive but overreactive. You’re carrying huge responsabilities but unsure about what you actually really want for yourself & your life.

You’re stuck at a roundabout in your head. And there’s this emotional heaviness within your chest. You need space. & Rest.

You’ve been through storms before. But this time it’s different. A vacation or positive thinking won’t be enough this time. Shit is about to get real – you know it. And it’s scary!

However, your longing for inner peace, freedom & joy (and the pain of not having it) is now bigger than the fear of the unknown. 

Congratulations, you’re at the beginning of not just a change from the outside in but a transformation from the inside out.

I’ve been there. And I’m here for you. 

Stephanie Waasdorp

coach, writer & speaker 

What if this isn't happening to you, but for you?

How I Can Help

I offer simple ways for you to make sense out of a mess & come to clarity. Simple ways to create space for feeling & come to lightness. Simple ways to (re)connect to your essence & come home to you. Simple. But not easy. This is not for everyone. 

She Speaks

A community for heart-centered female leaders. We come together in real life, tune in & speak. Guided by a facilitator. Based on The Journey Home structure for inner investigation.

The Journey Home

Deep dive into your core. Through the layers of fear. In this intense 9 month 1:1 program you’ll work with The Journey Home method to build your own strong foundation of inner peace & freedom.

Inner Circle

Join me on Patreon for monthly meditation sessions, behind-the-scenes material, q&a’s and live coaching. See it as a reminder to prioritize your own wellbeing. Self-love it is.

free workshop

Get Your Energy Back

In 3 short video’s I explain how to get your energy back. Starting now.

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A Way

There’s not one way to come back home to you. Back to your essence. Your center. There are as many ways as there are people. That’s why all structures for internal investigation I offer are based on questions. The answers, you have. And I’m here to help you find them. In essence, you’ll learn how to guide yourself back to knowing, feeling & (self)healing. That’s my way. A way.  

To Know

When faced with a problem, there’s always something we’re forgetting or not knowing about. Knowledge is power. And remembering the juicy stuff about who we are, why we are here & how the laws of the nature work is simply sooo good.

To Feel

Our body’s are made to feel. Feelings want to be felt. They need a free passage through our system. Unfelt feelings stay in the body and become toxic over time. It’s essential to create safety for a person to feel them anyway, without the mind interfering.   

To Heal

Healing is not about applying the right techniques or sitting for hours in meditation. It’s about learning how to listen to what you need right now, and giving it to yourself. Whatever it is in that moment. We all need different things at different times. 

your host

Hi, I’m Stephanie

Mother of two. Entrepreneur. Writer. I love morning coffee & long walks at the beach. I am a practical woman. Always looking for simplicity. I am also super duper sensitive. 

Often people ask me: 
How come you always shine so bright? 
Don’t the problems of the world weigh you down?
– How do you do all of this? 
Followed by: I admire you so much!

To be honest with you, there’s no secret. In essence it’s really very simple. I’m connected to my center (home). Enough of the time. 

How I did it? I payed attention to the greatest teachers of them all: life itself. I discovered a way through (my) life’s challenges. It gave me peace, steadyness & freedom. It required balls, willingness & leadership. 

I can’t wait share my (com)passion for this journey home with you by giving you the inspiration & tools you need.