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Helping people find their home, within.

Nice to meet you!

My name is Stephanie. Mother of two. Entrepreneur. Writer. Mentor. Guide. Facilitator. I love morning coffee & long walks at the beach. I am an intuitive and practical woman. Always looking for simplicity. 

When it comes to finding your home within, there’s no secret. And there’s nothing I have that you don’t. In essence it’s really simple. My work is about HOW I did it. I talk, write and coach other people around this topic. And my life is my testimonial.

I’m grateful to share my passion for this journey with you by giving you the safe space, inspiration & tools you need.

What Other People Say


“Stephanie has a tone of inquiry, rhythm of speech, creation of space and mind for questions that bring others to see/accept/challenge themselves more clearly. She helped me feel peaceful and present. Confirming my thoughts, feelings, and perspectives are valid.”

“Stephanie has the ability to see beauty in everything, express it, and make the other one feel it.”

“Stephanie leaves a feeling of patience with positive and inspiring energy.”

“Stephanie gave me confidence. She is one of the few people (maybe the only one) from which I don’t really doubt when nice words are coming.”

“The cooperation with Stephanie was very great. She worked out a program for our group and adapted well to our needs. Her flexibility was pleasant.”

“Either for business or private challenges, Stephanie is a great partner for helping you reach your goals.”