The Journey Home
spiritual guidance for truth seeking travelers


Feeling completely safe within yourself. Safe on planet Earth. A knowing that all is well. Love. Connection with Source. Alignment with your Higher Self. Magical creation. Fearlessly choosing direction. Fun. Ease. Joy. 

You know damn well how that feels

Really, there is nothing I can teach you about feeling at home. It’s a state of being. A frequency. Which I know you know. Cause you’ve been there. 


the road we travel to get there is a bumpy one. We get lost. Lost in time. Lost in people. Lost in places and situations we never – ever – imagined ourselves to be in. And most of all, we blame ourselves for (still) not getting it.

Along the way we pick up self help books. We visit therapists and we watch a ton of youtube video’s from spiritual teachers. But. We. Still. Feel. Stuck. 

It’s like looking for a missing piece to complete the puzzle

Well my dear, maybe it’s time to go beyond what you think you know. Beyond pretty words and pretty yoga positions to discover the truth of who you really are.

Because only then you will be able to return to your human life with that special glow. Life will never more be the same again. 

Ready to take the last steps?

Soul Session 

A one on one, soul to soul online meeting. Loving in-dept guidance when you need it.

The Journey Home

Discover all you need to know, feel and heal to free yourself and step into the truth of who you really are.



Email Support

A personal message from Source for you. Short and powerful guidance when you need it.




Hi, I'm Stephanie

And I came a long way to get here. Just like you. For a long time in my life I felt homesick. Not just the kind of homesick you might experience as a child. No, it was more profound than that. It was a deep longing to go back to something bigger. Something all inclusive. I felt the need to go back to the place where I came from. From before I was born. To escape life on Earth. It just didn’t seem right for me…

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