Welcome you. You beautiful person.

You, who knew from a very young age that you were different. Welcome searcher. Welcome soul who longs so much for a feeling of belonging and being home. A rock steady foundation for life. Knowing what your special place is, here on this earth-plane.

Also welcome to the ones who have found their place. Welcome lightworker who now inspires others to do the same. Welcome freedom-warrior. Welcome entrepreneur who moves mountains, makes miracles and is in search of rest, support and connection.

I hope you will feel at home here.

Good to know

Before you will explore this website, it is good to know that you will find texts in Dutch (my mother language) and in English. Some parts just came to me in English and a translation to Dutch did not seem necessary. That also goes up for some texts in Dutch. Since I live in Portugal I’m guessing many Portuguese will read my messages in (sometimes bad but still good enough) English.

If you bump into any typo’s or grammar mistakes, please forgive me. Know that English is not my mother tongue and I hope the messages will come across anyhow.