Hey! Do you want to talk? Open up and pour out all the stuff going on inside of your head and heart? Do you need some small (or big) wake up call? Some suggestions on how to simplify things? To get things in perspective?

Book a soul session.

Are you stuck in your way of thinking? Does it all seem too big to comprehend? Do you maybe even fear the future?

Book a Soul Session.

Would you like to discuss with me an idea? Pick my brain? Know what I would do if I were in your shoes?

Book a Soul Session.

Are you at a crossroad? Not knowing which way to go? Are you in doubt about choosing the safe path of the risky one?

Book a Soul Session.

Bad news however: I do not have all the answers.

But, on the other hand, the good new is that you do! And I’ll be there to help you reach them.

Frequently asked questions about the Soul Sessions:

What is a Soul Session exactly?
A Soul Session is a simple way to reach out for some spiritual guidance when you need it. It’s a conversation through Skype and during the session I will read between the lines, feel your feelings behind your words and guide you through more clarity and answers, that are always already within yourself. You will remember. And just feel lighter and brighter afterwards.

How long does a Soul Session take?
One hour and fifteen minutes.

How much is it?
A single session is €88
A tripple session is €250

I’m not sure if this is what I need right now, how can I know?
Well, if you are not sure you could decide to risk 88 euros and give it a try. You could also just say ‘no, not for now’. Or, in oder to come to a decision try to get to know me better first. There is more and more information being published by me about my own process, my viewpoints and my ways of working. So maybe after exploring a bit more you really come to realize you actually do not like me (or my haircut) at all. Or the opposite. And you’ll have your answer :).

I don’t have Skype, is that a problem?
No, you can easily create an account at Skype.com.

How can I book a session?
You can book by sending an email to stephaniewaasdorp gmailcom. You will get your invoice and after having received the proof of payment we scedule the meeting and have the online Soul Session.

Ready to go Soul to Soul with me?

Much love,